TabletDesigner F-CAD Cloud

Tablet·Designer Module

  • Instant tablet surface and volume calculations
  • Breaking notch design
  • HTML5 and 3D-View (WebGL) Experience
  • No additional downloads
  • Standard and custom shapes
  • Infinitely customizable with Bezier handles
  • Multiple color schemes for pharmaceutical applications
  • 3D-Printer Export
  • Manufacture

    PAC F-CAD Cloud

    Particle·Arrangement & Compaction Module

  • Extended parameter set for components
  • Size distribution calculation for all formulation's components
  • External and internal phase simulation
  • Mimicking of Production Machines & Processes
  • 3D-surface generation
  • GPU-accelerated calculations
  • Validate

    Dissolution Simulation F-CAD Cloud

    Dissolution Simulation Module

  • Simulation of Formulation's Release Profile
  • Mixing speed and dissoluton vessel geometry
  • Unmodified and modified-release tablets and capsules
  • Multiple Unit Particle Systems
  • Coated and multilayered tablets and pellets
  • Disintegration simulation
  • Calculation of liquid uptake of porous materials
  • Experimental and simulated data comparison
  • Fully GPU-based code

  • F · CAD Cloud Pricing

    • Commercial Individual
    • Pending product launch
      More information will follow

    • R&D Innovators
    • Non-commercial early-access for industry innovators.
      On invitation-only.
    • Free 30 credit hours
    • CHF5.- / hour*
    • Full-featured Simulation Engine
    • Beta-license under NDA
    • R&D Community access
    • Support platform access
    • Signup
    • Commercial Enterprise
    • Pending product launch
      More information will follow

    *Exclusive of VAT

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